Seaweed and Lemon Myrtle soap

Seaweed and Lemon Myrtle soap

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Seaweed and Lemon Myrtle Soap:

Made with Love: Valla Beach Natural Soaps

Many trace elements in seaweed are beneficial for the skin.

I like to think of it as healing only in the sense that you’ll be surprised at how nice it makes your skin feel. Lots of natural soaps do a fabulous job of minimizing blemishes, but seaweed soap is an overachiever. It detoxifies, moisturizes, exfoliates, and more. I would even call it the ultimate skincare package wrapped up into one bar of soap.

So healing? No, that’s a stretch. But surprisingly healthy and nourishing? Yep, easily.

 Aromatic Lemon myrtle blended with little gritty bits of seaweed within the soap help remove dead skin cells leaving the skin refreshed and renewed.

A lovely refreshing soap, that leaves you feeling very pampered.

INGREDIENTS: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Rainwater, Seaweed. Essential oil: Lemon Myrtle.


All packaging is bio degradable. 

We believe in keeping it simple. No harsh chemicals, synthetics, nasty colours or fragrances. Valla Beach soaps are gentle and soothing on all skin types. Naturally leaving your skin feel soft, smooth and pampered. The moisturising qualities of soap are creamy with a luxurious lather to nourish your skin making you feel fresh and invigorated!
All soaps are made from base ingredients of Olive oil and Coconut oil, Lye and rainwater. Clays and Botanicals vary, depending on soap bar